Hi I am much cooler than Danny.

B:And I'm thinkin' Emma would agree. E: Let's just say that Ben's alter-ego is Lil' Wayne. I think that little comment speaks for itself. B:  Lil' Wayne is a funny Itunes nickkname.  I like pigs and I like sheep. I like to play walkerball and I am in the class i wanted so I think I am preety cul? E: Oh yeah? I think you are stupider than you are "cul". And you know what else. You ramble on and on and on about CRAP. C-R-A-P CRAP! B: Well crap is important if you want the straight story. And why do we even put colins after our initials? E: We do that so the viewers(if there are any) know who is talking and when. It is,according to grammar, CORRECT,rect, rect,rect! SO HAHAHAHAHAHA POO Head.  B: SO WHO IS COOLER EMMA!!!!!!!! E: Well if it was up to me(which it is) I think you are both PINHEADS. P-I-N-H-E-A-D-S. Pinheads.



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